Pictures Around NYC

Just so I can catch-up, I’m dumping a bunch of photos I took in and around NYC over the last couple years. This photo is of the 69th Street Transfer Bridge in Lower Riverside Park in the Upper West Side. This was along the route where I logged thousands of miles running. Also part of the 69th Street Transfer Bridge, I thought this was a perfect example of urban decay. This is the statue on the southwest corner of the park, in Columbus Circle, where we used to live. [Read More]

How I Came to Run

Run or Die Running wasn’t something that came to me naturally. Though I was athletic throughout my life, running, as an activity in and of itself, wasn’t something that was on my radar until much later; I always viewed running as something you do to warm-up for other sports. Like most people who come to run later in life, it was by way of treadmills at the gym, in hindsight, the worst possible way to familiarize oneself with running. [Read More]